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SL Jewelry at Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2012 from 16 to 20 February our booth NO is 5CF18

Micro Pave Setting

We at SL Jewelry pride ourselves in the continuous improvement and use of better technologies and methods to produce better products for our customer. Our latest addition to our wide production is jewelry with micro-setting of stones. Be it Cubic Zirconia (CZ), crystals, or glass, we are able to set them with microscopic precision.

All our micro stone setting staff are trained and work with industry leading equipment, to provide your finish product with the best quality. Due to its labor intensive and delicate nature, micro stone setting is time consuming and requires a steady hand. For this reason, our factory workers are able to set up to 300 stones per day - depending on your jewelry design this maybe for a single pendant/brooch or a few rings per day. As part of our commitment to optimum quality control all the micro setting jewelry quality are similarly check with microscopes by trained personnel.

Hence, each piece goes through a set number of checks before the jewelry piece is ready for shipment to you. To find out more on our micro-setting service and cost, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jewelry - price or beauty?

There are several material items of beauty that everyone desires. Jewelry is one of them. However, with every beautiful item there is a price to it. Or, is this really true?

Here at SL Jewelry, we pride ourselves in giving everyone the joy of having a piece of art... beautiful art. All our jewelry are pieces of art, designed and manufactured within this building that you see on this page. Some may say that only fine jewelries are works of art; perhaps, but we believe that beauty is in a design, not the price. Thus, this design is priceless.

We are blessed with a dedicated group of people at our factory, from our President - Mr. Liu - to our artisans. SL Jewelry has built a respected reputation in quality and honest business ethics over its 25 years of existances.

Mind you we are not a boutique jewelry factory. We are a complete start to end jewelry facility, with 8 divisions, namely:

  1. Designing / Modeling;
  2. Wax molding;
  3. Casting;
  4. Polishing;
  5. Stone setting;
  6. Electro-plating;
  7. Packing / Shipping;
  8. Customer Service / Marketing ; and ,
  9. Micro Pave Set .

We have quality control (QC) checks at all stages of production to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction and almost zero rejects. We are able to have consistent production volume of over 60,000 pieces each month. Consider us and we provide you the best in all areas.

Please take some time and peruse through our site to learn more about us. If this site does not give you enough information on SL Jewelry, please contact us, by phone - fax - email.

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